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Department of Budget and Management Secretary Benjamin E. Diokno was keynote speaker at the Forum with Client-Agencies organized by the Procurement Service and held on December 5, 2017 at the PS Complex in Paco, Manila.

Good morning everyone!

The Procurement Service has been the central procuring arm of the government for the past 39 years. It has been aggregating the requirements of the whole of government for commonly-required items. As a result, it has generated tremendous savings for government as it continues to buy supplies, materials and equipment in economic lot sizes and low prices. Through the years, it has also actively taken on the role of Procurement Agent to buy the unique requirements and even the big-ticket items of agencies such as the PNP, DND, DoTR, DepEd, and the DOH. From supplies to items such as guns, military uniforms, special purpose vehicles, drugs and medicines, to consulting and even foreign-funded projects, the PS took on an evolving role as procurement agents and experts – now for the whole of government. More recently, PS helped procure P21 billion-worth of projects for the Department of Transportation.

In today’s forum, PS and PhilGEPS will update you on what is new about the organizations and their efforts to simplify processes and improve service delivery. It will also be an opportunity for you to ask, comment, and suggest as to how they can serve client agencies better. One directive, DBM Circular No. 2017-12, that we have issued to address the challenge that PS faces in projecting the quantity of its procurement is the submission by all procuring entities of the Annual Procurement Plan for Common Supplies and Equipment. If all agencies comply with this DBM Issuance, PS assures us that stock-outs will be a thing of the past as they will be able to project and plan their procurement of Common Supplies and Equipment more accurately. You will all therefore get the supplies that you want all the time.

As a special project, PS is now successfully rolling out the Government Fares Agreement which aggregates the requirement of government for airfare. This is in partnership with the Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Thus far, more than 100 agencies are now reaping the benefits under the program in terms of ease in booking flights and buying tickets at discounted rates.

The aggregation of purified water, official travel for staff in Metro Manila utilizing the technologies of Grab and Uber, and the aggregation of the whole of government’s requirement for vehicles are also being considered and studied.

There is so much savings and efficiency that can be achieved if PS were to fully utilize its resources to be the procurer for the whole of government. For client agencies, if procurement tasks can be minimized, resources can be dedicated more to doing core missions and functions. The conventional image of PS is that of a “pen and paper” agency. With your help, PS can achieve its task of changing this image. Tell PS what you expect from it. Help PS focus on identifying, mastering and improving its journey to achieve satisfaction of its client-agencies in the area of procurement.

I wish you all a good and productive day!

Thank you!

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