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Good morning everyone!

Today, the Procurement Service has once again gathered you, its partner-merchants, in a forum that aims to further enhance the partnership that, over the years, made it possible for PS to fulfill its mandate as central procurer of commonly-required supplies and equipment and as procurement agent for numerous unique requirements of government.

You will all embark on discussions on how this partnership can be made more efficient – setting priorities, focusing energy and resources in order to achieve success in tendering bids and in fulfilling awards and in contract implementation. I expect that you will all work toward common goals that will benefit government procuring entities and the nation itself.

Today you will learn about how the PS, PhilGEPS and the GPPB-TSO continuously strive to make the procurement process more efficient and in tune with internationally-accepted practices such as adoption of Framework and Ordering Agreements and applying green and environment-friendly standards.

In this forum, you will be updated on how the Procurement Service continues to evolve – it is now strongly into fulfilling its unique role as a Procurement Agent for the Police, Military, the Department of Transportation and numerous other government agencies and handling complex procurement that involves foreign-funded projects.PS is now successfully rolling out the Government Fares Agreement which aggregates the requirement of government for airfare. The aggregation of purified water, official travel for staff in Metro Manila utilizing the technologies of Grab and Uber and the aggregation of the whole of government’s requirement for vehicles are also being considered and studied. You will also, together, be discussing the challenges that you have been experiencing in this partnership with the and I hope that collectively, you can work on how these challenges can be hurdled.

Partnership with a high level of purposeful cooperation is what we all should aim for – mutual commitment to successful procurement projects and future and collaborative relationships that are devoid of conflicts and complications. As we help your companies grow you should also help the government procure its requirements in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

I wish everyone a good and productive day!

Thank you!

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