Starting May 15, more than 1.5 million government workers will receive their FY 2018 Mid-Year Bonus, which is equivalent to one month basic salary.


Following guidelines set in Budget Circular no. 2017-2 dated May 8, 2017, the mid-year bonus is granted subject to the following conditions: (a) personnel has rendered at least a total or an aggregate of four months of service from July 1, 2017 to May 15, 2018; (b) personnel remains to be in the government service as of May 15, 2018; and (c) personnel has obtained at least a satisfactory performance rating in the applicable performance appraisal period.


The amounts required for the grant of FY 2018 Mid-Year Bonus to personnel of National Government Agencies are charged against the agency-specific allocation for the payment of Mid-Year Bonus under the FY 2018 GAA. The funding requirement for the FY 2018 Mid-Year Bonus has been comprehensively released to the agencies through the GAA as Allotment Order policy, pursuant to National Budget Circular No. 567 dated January 3, 2017.


         The total amount allocated for the mid-year bonus of all government personnel is estimated at P36.2 billion.


         For the complete set of guidelines on the release of the Mid-Year Bonus, you may go to:        







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