In relation to the President’s approval of the “Bayanihan Grant to Cities and Municipalities (BGCM)”, the Department of Budget and Management released P30,823,759,246.00 to cover the funding requirements for the one-time financial assistance to cities and municipalities. The released amount is intended to boost the capacity of the cities and municipalities in responding to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation.

The one-time BGCM is equivalent to a one-month FY 2020 Internal Revenue Allotment share of the cities and municipalities. As provided in Local Budget Circular No. 125, dated April 07, 2020, the BGCM shall be exclusively used for the following COVID-19-related programs, projects, activities (PPAs), and expenses, subject to existing procurement, budgeting, accounting and auditing rules and regulations:


1. Procurement of personal protective equipment;

2. Procurement of equipment, reagents, and kits for COVID-19 testing;

3. Procurement of medicines and vitamins;

4. Procurement of hospital equipment and supplies;

5. Procurement of disinfectants, sprayers, disinfection tents and other disinfecting supplies and misting equipment;

6. Food, transportation (including fuel), and accommodation expenses of medical personnel and other LGU personnel directly involved in the implementation of COVID-19-related programs, projects, and activities (PPAs);

7. Food assistance and other relief goods for affected households;

8. Expenses for the construction/repair/lease/rental of additional space/building to accommodate COVID-19 patients and persons under monitoring/investigation;

9. Expenses for the operation of stand-alone/mobile testing laboratory;

10. Expenses for the purchase/rental of tents for temporary shelters of the homeless;

11. Expenses for training of personnel in the conduct of COVID-19 testing and other related trainings; and

12. Other necessary COVID-19-related PPAs and expenses.


On the other hand, the following expenses shall not be charged against the BGCM:

1. Any form of financial/cash assistance;

2. Personal Services expenditures, such as salaries, wages, overtime pay and other personnel benefits;

3. Administrative expenses, such as supplies, meetings, communication, water and electricity, petroleum products, other general services, and the like;

4. Traveling expenses, whether domestic or foreign;

5. Registration or participation fees in training, seminars, conferences or conventions;

6. Purchase of administrative office' furniture, fixtures, equipment or appliances;

7. Purchase, maintenance or repair of motor vehicles; and

8. Other PPAs and expenses not related to COVID-19.

The released amount for BGCM shall be used by the recipient cities and municipalities for the duration of the State of Calamity as declared by the President by virtue of Proclamation No. 929 dated 16 March 2020. Funds which remain unutilized after the lifting of the State of Calamity shall be reverted to the National Treasury by the recipient cities and municipalities.


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