COS and JO

The Civil Service Commission (CSC), the Commission on Audit (COA), and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) have amended Joint Circular No.1, s. 2017 to allow agencies to contract the services of new contract of service (COS) and job order (JO) workers and renew existing contracts of COS and JO workers until December 31, 2020. This transitory period is to ensure that delivery of public services will not be impaired.

In addition, starting January 1, 2019, COS and JO workers shall be paid a salary or wage equivalent to the daily salary or wage of comparable positions in the government and a premium of up to 20% of the salary or wage.

The premium payment may be paid monthly, in lump sum or in tranches, as may be stated in the agreement or contract with the agency. The payment for services shall be charged against the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses of the agency’s approved budget.   

Furthermore, existing qualified COS and JO workers shall be considered for appointment to the vacant positions of government agencies subject to existing civil service laws, rules, and regulations and CSC-approved Merit Selection Plans.

Since the issuance of Joint Circular No. 1, the CSC, COA, and DBM have received numerous requests and queries regarding its implementation. In the meantime, the three oversight agencies are working on the revision of the rules and regulations of the joint circular.





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